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NSJH students learn lessons that go well beyond the classroom

Prior to Thanksgiving, groups of 8th and 9th grade students in Sharon Byrns' AIS-ELA classes at North Syracuse Junior High School began reflecting on the holiday season discussing empathy, compassion and community service. With such a diverse group; acceptance, self-identity and character traits are all topics mainstreamed into their daily lives. Being reminded that the holidays may not be happy for everyone, the students brainstormed how their personal concerns or issues can be addressed during the long holiday season.
Students created their own learning by exploring their individual voice, researching and developing ideas of how to solve or make awareness of an issue. Immersed in brainstorming, critical thought, individual thinking, research, business letters, announcements and an endless distribution of edited flyers, boxes of donations and collections to deliver, students are working to make a difference.

In addition to the many local agencies selected by the student, they also decided to take on projects to help students in need right at North Syracuse Junior High. The projects will continue throughout the school year.