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Letter Regarding Internet outages

In recent weeks, districts throughout Central New York have experienced significant internet interruptions. Internet services for our district are purchased through the OCM BOCES Central New York Regional Information Center. On October 4, in response to these recent internet disruptions, we received a letter (click here) from OCM BOCES for distribution to our community.
Fortunately for students and staff in the North Syracuse Central School District, the impact of these internet outages has been minimized by the fact that we have a Verizon back up circuit. When outages do occur, North Syracuse students and staff maintain the ability to connect to the internet and utilize district email. While these services continue to be accessible, unfortunately, any services housed directly on BOCES servers will not be available to our or any district’s staff.
We are grateful to our IT department for their foresight in implementing a back-up server. Our ability to maintain connectivity has significantly minimized the interruptions.
We thank each of our students and staff for their patience, creativity and flexibility during the intermittent interruptions. We recognize that every day is an important day of learning here in the North Syracuse Central School District and we strive to provide the best quality of service to all our students.
Annette Speach
Superintendent of Schools