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Physical education is a required, credit bearing high school course.
For student’s to be excused from class due to illness or injury, a physician’s statement is needed.
 A student who feels ill or injured but has not been excused from class by a physician, may ask to sit out of a class by explaining this to the teacher. To receive credit they will need to make up that class within the required time frame. ( PE requirements). Not making up missed classes could put the student in jeopardy of not graduating.
  • Sometimes a student has a health problem that may prevent them from doing some activities, but allow them to participate in others. This permits them to stay physically active without causing themselves harm AND receive credit for participation.
  • The note we receive from their doctor must be specific to allow this to happen. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding a situation like this.
 Every five weeks the physical education content changes and their might be a chance to do something new. Activities are varied. School nurses and the physical education teachers work together to accomplish this.
Students who are unable to participate in physical education class are NOT able to participate on sports teams during that same time period. Coaches will be notified of the doctor’s note and also told when the student is cleared to return.
When a student is out of physical education class for an extended period of time, their guidance counselor will reassign them to a study hall for that time period.