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Despite precautions and safety plans, there are times when a student gets injured at school. This is one of the reasons we ask you each year for several current emergency phone numbers.
Students are encouraged to see the nurse after any injury, for evaluation and first aid or emergency care.
After care is provided for non-emergent problems, you may receive a phone call to explain what occurred. The injury will be documented and information is available if needed at a later date.
If the injury is serious or impacts the student’s school day we will attempt to call you as soon as the student’s condition is stable. Whenever possible you will be able to speak to them directly.
In the event of injury that jeopardizes the student’s life, emergency care will be requested (by calling 911) before we attempt to reach you. Please understand the need to proceed in this manner to protect your child from unnecessary pain or harm. If you prefer a specific hospital for unexpected care, please be sure your child knows, and you have written this down on the Student Health History Form you receive each summer in the mail. This form comes to the nurse and is kept in the student’s health record for easy access.
The school health office is equipped with emergency supplies. We have access to a wheelchair, crutches, splints, slings and bandages. We do not have medications for pain, as no drugs can be dispensed in school without orders from the student’s physician and written parent permission.