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Procedures for when your child gets sick during school day.


1.   Attendance at school for the full day, everyday, is the key to academic success.
2.   Parents may request permission for their student to leave school during the day for pre-arranged medical appointments by sending a note or contacting the House Attendance Aide by 8:00 AM.
3.   Like all other schools in the North Syracuse School District, only the Health Office has permission to early excuse students due to illness from school during the school day, after parents have been contacted.
4.   If a student becomes sick at school, the student should report to the Health Office (after having their planner signed by the classroom teacher).
5.   Arrangements for a student to go home due to illness will be made by the school nurse after a medical assessment and a contact with a parent/guardian.
6.   Students are not allowed to walk home if they are sick.  Arrangements for someone to pick them up will be required.  Even if the student drove to school, there may be times when driving home is not safe.
7.   Parents:  If you receive a phone call from your child during the school day saying he/she wants to come home due to illness or injury, please ask to speak to the school nurse.  If he/she is not in the Health Office, please tell him/her to go directly there and you will be waiting to hear from the nurse. Students who use their cell phone to contact parents will have a disciplinary consequence for cell phone use during the school day.
Thank you for your cooperation with our building procedures.