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District voters approve proposed 2018-2019 budget

Message from Superintendent of Schools Annette Speach:

We want to share our heartfelt appreciation to the North Syracuse Central School District community for their overwhelming demonstration of support for the children of the District by approving the 2018-19 budget. During these challenging times, our community has come together to ensure that our children continue to have the educational opportunities essential for their future success.      


North Syracuse Central School District voters have agreed to the district’s proposed 2018-2019 school year budget with a 63.4 percent approval. 2,435 votes were cast, with the final tally being 1,545 yes votes and 890 no votes on the $163,200,980 proposal. A bus proposition for $1,472,440 also passed (65.6 percent approval) with 1,587 yes votes and 832 no votes. Additionally, the Salina Free Library proposition for $445,474 passed (78 percent voter approval) with 92 yes votes and 26 no votes.

Voters elected the following three candidates to the North Syracuse Central School District Board of Education for (three-year) terms beginning July 1, 2018: 
  • Paul Farfaglia (1,700 votes)
  • George Harrington (1,699 votes)
  • Mark Thorne (1,640 votes)
Additionally, Terri E. Krueger was elected with 1,580 votes to fill a 2-year seat; and Michael Donofrio was elected with 1,297 votes to fill a one 1-year seat. Michael Leone was not elected with 1,213 votes.
Superintendent of Schools, Annette Speach said, “Many thanks to all of our community members who came out to vote. This budget demonstrates the district’s commitment to student success by providing enhanced opportunities that align with Vision2020: Brighter Together with educational experiences and opportunities that inspire students to reach their individual potential as productive citizens. We are very pleased that our community supported our shared Vision with their vote.”
The 2018-19 tax levy increase of 2.94 percent is within the allowable tax levy limit as calculated under the state’s “tax cap” guidelines. Therefore, a simple majority is required for authorization and residents will receive their tax rebate checks. For details about the 2018-2019 budget, visit the district’s budget website at