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2018 Science Olympiad Results

On Saturday, January 27, Science Olympiad teams from Cicero-North Syracuse High School competed in the Regional Science Olympiad Competition held at LeMoyne College.  Out of a total of thirty-Seven teams competing, C-NS Team Green finished third and Team Blue Finished thirteenth.  The teams competed in twenty six events which covered topics related to Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology.  The teams medaled in twenty-four of the twenty-six events.  The following is a list of those events, along with the students who participated in them.
Anatomy & Physiology - Meghan Frye and Natalie Taylor (4th) and  Alex Nobles and Seaver Schultz (7th)
Astronomy -  Emily Temple and Molly Dano (4th)
Disease Detectives - Alexa Kulak and Miranda Szwej (5th
Dynamic Planet - Kelly Strong and McKenzie Cochran (5th)                               
Duct Tape Challenge - Joshua Middeton and Mathew Fiel (3rd)     
Ecology - Joshua Middleton and Connor Ritchie (5th)
Experimental Design - Ava Breitbeck, Natalie Taylor and Riley Corcoran (7th) and Abigail Marin, Bella Simonds and Jaina Berardi (6th)                  
Fermi Questions - Riley Corcoran and Natalie Ackerman (10th
Forensics - Meghan Frye and Natalie Taylor  (6th)
Game On - Matthew Furletti and Daniel Murphy (10th)           
Helicopters - Joshua Middleton and Matthew Fiel (3rd) and Seaver Schultz and Thomas Scalzo (7th)
Herpetology - Molly Dano and Emily Temple (3rd) and  Alex Nobles  and Seaver Schultz (1st)
Hovercraft - Daniel Murphy and Connor Ritchie (10th) and Thomas Scalzo and Tina Chen (1st)
Materials science - Alexa Kulak and McKenzie Cochran (4th) and Thomas Scalzo and Alex Nobles (5th)
Microbe Mission - Alex Nobles and Seaver Schultz (2nd)  
Mission Possible - Ava Breitbeck and McKenzie Cochran (2nd) and Alyssa Spivak and Christopher Baur (9th)   
Mousetrap Vehicle - Joshua Middleton and Mathew Fiel (1st)
Optics - Natalie Ackerman and Riley Corcoran (6th)
Parasitology - Miranda Szwej and Mathew Fiel (1st) and Alex Nobles and Tina Chen (2nd)
Remote Sensing - Emily Temple and Miranda Szwej (5th)
Rocks & Minerals - Molly Dano and Miranda Szwej (7th
Thermodynamics - Kelly Strong and Meghan Frye (6th)
Towers - Ava Breitbeck and Natalie Taylor (3rd) and Tina Chen and Karla Mendez (5th)
Write It/Do It - Ava Breitbeck and Kelly Strong (7th)
Based on the team’s performance at the Regional competition they earned the opportunity to compete in the State level competition, which will be held on March 9 and 10 at LeMoyne College. Good luck.
The team members would also like to thank the following event coaches for all their time and efforts they put forth helping them prepare for the competition: Mrs. Linkinhoker, Mrs. Madigan, Mr. Chapin, Ms. Neumeister, Mrs. Felt, Mr. Lindsay, Mrs. Myers, and Mr. Miner.