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Survey Information

The North Syracuse Central School District continually seeks input from key stakeholders using online parent/community and student surveys. Surveys have been conducted annually since 2016. Summaries of the results for each year are provided below in the appropriate section. Thank you to everyone that completed our surveys...your input is invaluable assisting us in evaluating our progress as we work toward our mission and goals.

Parent/Community Survey

Each year, the North Syracuse Central School District's Community Survey is open during the months of January and February and a variety of methods are used to solicit feedback. Audiences are attracted by the following means:

  • Press releases
  • News articles
  • Advertisement on school marquees
  • District text and email alerts
  • Website postsFacebook/Twitter posts
Survey questions are broken down into eight categories:
  • Climate
  • Academics
  • Communications
  • Safety
  • Homework & Reporting
  • Engagement
  • Responsiveness
  • Quality & Satisfaction
Each years' survey results are provided by year and school building below.
2018 Parent/Community Survey

Third annual survey revised to align with Vision2020: Brighter Together – For the third consecutive year, this January and February, the North Syracuse Central School District administered a survey to gather feedback from members of the community to help assess progress and set goals for the district.

Participants may have noticed that some survey questions were worded slightly differently from last year. In order to more closely align questions to Vision2020: Brighter Together, district groups met and analyzed the questions in relation to focus areas.

Superintendent of Schools Annette Speach spoke about the changes saying, “For the past few years, we’ve been asking the community for their feedback about how we are doing working towards our shared vision and goals. We needed to adjust this year’s survey slightly so that we can get a better understanding of our work in relation to Vision2020. We are in the process of comparing this year’s results to the previous two years,” she continued.

While the feedback once again this year demonstrates the majority of respondents’ satisfaction in all categories, we have seen slight declines in the percentages and we are exploring that feedback. Thank you to everyone that completed the survey.”

2018 Parent/Community Survey


2017 Parent/Community Survey

2016 Parent/Community Survey

Student Survey

Each year, the North Syracuse Central School District's Student Survey is administered to all secondary-level students in the spring. Each years' survey results are provided by year and school building below.

2018 Student Survey
Secondary schools will be asking students to participate in the 2018 student survey during the months of April and May. Results will be posted after the survey is closed. 


2017 Student Survey

2016 Student Survey