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Palmisano Class Videos

Below are the videos that Mrs. Palmisano's 10th grade honor's English students created in 2016.  Each group created a skit for books.   Below are links for those skits.


All the Bright Places

Performed By: Lauren Woods, Iyana Armstrong, Olivia LaMontagne & Sarina Brown


Read Between the Lines

Performed By: Jamison Stiles, Rachel Hotaling, Julia Port & Olivia Wilson-Luffman


Between Shades of Gray

Performed By: Abby Jantsch, Kristen Kires, Krystyna Baltrusitis & Alicia Middleton


We Should Hang out Sometime

Performed By: Jason Hughes, Natalie Taylor & Theresa Hoffman


Hate List

Performed By: Ally Dubois, Kait Lippert, Evan Wright & Nick Searle



Performed By: Gigi Pascarella, Kurstin Moser, & Bri Smith


The Tragedy Paper

Performed By: Hannah Hayes, Lily Casarsa, Julia Towers & Alyssa Avicolli


Lies We Tell Ourselves

Performed By: Anthony Cavallo, Dylan Dukat, Nicole Ratlff & Lexi Pascarella



Performed By: Riley Corcoran, Phillip Truong, Zach Lessard & Damien Sausville


The Truth about Alice

Performed By: Nicole Schroeder, Morgan Williamson, Victoria Dunn & Madison Gerbsch


Swim the Fly

Performed By: Julia McDonough, Zachary Marchant, Jackson Franzen & Olivia Massena


Reason to Breathe

Performed By: Alexis Martin, Hailey Nolan, Shaho Shwani & Sydney Patraw



Performed By: Annina Marullo, McKenna Bradford, Ryan Ingerson & Julia Colavecchio


Bunker Diary

Performed By: Hannah Scalisi, Kylie Hahn, Marlayna Jones & Vanessa Luangaphay



Performed By: Jordyn Poole, Carly Lescenski, Sydney Gilbert



Performed By: Lily Carr, Emily Rudd & Danielle Dattler

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