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Superintendent's Conference Day


March 24th Superintendent’s Conference Day

Essential question: How can NSCSD Superintendent's Conference Day help our school teams support our learners?

Learning Target: Becoming a 21st Century Teacher, Leader, School, Support, Resource, etc;

Connecting to the Framework for the Day:

  • It is not about “delivery” as much as about what and who people want to connect to;
  • Staff must create their own learning path for the day;
  • Ideas for learning sessions will be generated by staff, for staff;
  • All sessions must be aligned to district, building or PLP goals;
  • Reflection is a required component;




·         TeachMeets are meetings/un-conferences where staff share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching and learning!

·         Participants are encouraged to volunteer an idea, a tool or a website that they have delivered in their classroom.

·         Anyone can host a TeachMeet!

·   Choose a theme relevant to your practice - then offer to present an idea that is related to the theme!

·         Or, discuss a product, tool, or resource that you believe enhances your classroom practice;

·         The idea behind TeachMeets is hearing stories about learning, from teachers (and sometimes students as well!), leaders and staff from across the district;

·         This is our chance for staff from all of our schools to network and to hear ideas from each other!

·         A key element of a good TeachMeet is offering a variety of short, sharp presentations rather than long-winded keynotes!

 Let's get started with your ideas, for your colleagues, based on your successes from this year!  

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