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Beliefs That Guide Us

 Goals for Our Professionals:


·        layering learning over time – basic (developing awareness), strengthening (building knowledge), implementing (practicing new learning), reflection (one’s own and others), collaboration


·        teachers as leaders – helping to support learning at all levels


·        have individual choice connected to organization (district) goals


·        services provided in a supportive, trust based orientation


·        multi-dimensional offerings: chances to;

  • collaborate (peer coaching-cognitive coaching, mentoring)
  • reflection (journal-portfolios)
  • on-the-job issues
  • team offerings
  • cadres
  • curriculum development
  • action research (examining student work, listening to students),
  • study groups
  • in-class models
  • workshops
  • newsletters
  • technology support, etc… 


·        purposeful relevant topics: overall goal is student learning, secondary goal is empowerment of teacher and their craft


·        opportunities are strong in theory, research, and include proven practices (best practices)


·        supportive, and nurturing, of a healthy lifestyle (wellness type)


·        leadership and administrative support and inclusion in all training


·        time to participate with and integrate new learning –


Leading Learning  ~ Building a Culture of One, One Person at a Time

Professional Development Office
North Syracuse Central School District