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Baseball 7th/8th Grade Baseball 7th/8th Grade
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Baseball 7th/8th Grade
Tryout Information

7/8/9 Baseball Tryout Information

1.     No Paperwork = No Tryout.  Please turn your paperwork (packet) into the nurses office of your school at any date AFTER FEBRUARY 24 and BEFORE MARCH 13!


  1. Dates of tryouts are March 23 – March 27 and March 30 – April 2.  A first cut will be made on Friday, March 27.  Both teams (7/8 & 8/9) will be chosen at the latest Thursday, April 2.  First day - Monday, March 23 – JHS gyms 5 – 7 PM.


  1. The gym times for the first week of tryouts (March 23 – March 27) are 3/23 – 5 – 7 JHS, 3/24 – 5 – 7 (Pitchers and Catchers Only - JHS), 3/25 – 5 – 7 JHS, 3/26 7:00 – 9:30 at CNS HS, and 3/27 5 – 7 JHS.  Players must get a ride to and from the JHS and High School for the first week of tryouts.  Starting Monday, March 30, tryouts and practices will be from 3 – 5 PM at the JHS and all players will have to get a ride home from the JHS after practice is done. 


  1. On Tuesday, March 24, tryouts will be for PITCHERS AND CATCHERS ONLY!  If you do not pitch or catch, you do not have to show up.


  1. For all of tryouts, we will attempt to get outside, even if it is just in a parking lot, so dress accordingly.


  1. The dress code for tryouts is baseball pants preferred, if not, warm-ups or sweatpants, NO SHORTS.  Bring a hat, long-sleeved shirts for pitchers, glove, bat (if you own one), sneakers, and cleats (no metal spikes). Also, if you can, wear a shirt with your name on it. 


7.     Tryouts will be based on a physical fitness test (shuttle run, base running sprint, mile, push-ups, and sit-ups) and each player will be assessed on their throwing, fielding, hitting, and attitude.  An evaluation form will be given to each player at the end of tryouts.


  1. The players will be asked to tryout at their best position in the field.  We cannot have players changing positions during tryouts unless asked by a coach.  Pitchers will have their own date to throw (March 24).

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