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North Syracuse Central Schools
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Everything you need to know about both options and what is in them!


OPTION 2: HMH Literature Package

HMH Package provided books to help fill 3 buckets: Shared Reading (also known as Anchor Text/Mentor Texts), Guided Reading/Strategy Groups, and an Independent Reading Library.

BUCKET 1:  Shared Reading/Mentor Texts/Anchor Texts -  Model Comprehension Skills and Strategies

  • Reminder: An anchor text can be a picture book, part of a novel, biography, or informational text, or a short story, myth, or article that relates to the unit’s genre and theme. The rule of thumb is to keep it short. With this versatile teaching tool, you can make visible how you analyze texts or organize thinking into a journal entry. And because the texts are short and the lessons brief (minilessons), it’s easy to review an anchor text lesson while conferring with a student or a small group.” Laura Robb – Heinemann
  • Teacher Choice! You can pick 5 different classroom libraries for over 150 titles of authentic text.
  • You wanted more choice so we added more options for you to choose from. Click here to browse the collections!!

BUCKET 2:  Guided Reading -  Rigby leveled readers

  • 48 titles - 6 copies of each title, and lesson plans included
  • Teacher Choice! You can choose your F&P range or grade level range and HMH provides the books!
  • Age appropriate, interesting topics at a variety of levels
  • A mix of highly visual fiction and nonfiction

BUCKET 3:  HMH Independent Reading Libraries Tailored Solution

  • Each teacher in grades K-6 will receive 300 titles of up to 6 Lexile-based bundles 
  • High interest fiction and nonfiction titles across a variety of genres and topics
  • You should have a wide variety of books types and topics to meet the needs of all students, so included is a combination of trade titles, new select Rigby PM Books, Core Science and Engineering and Social Studies books

Reminder: bundling together books enables HMH to provide free resources. We provided you with this option so you could receive the most amount of materials, however you do not have to choose the package. You are free to send in your own list of books that you want!

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    docx cafe lit lessons (docx file - 19 KB)
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