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Balanced Literacy


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HERE'S A SAMPLE:  90 Minute Literacy Block Components

1. Whole Group Instruction (30 minutes) - When I'm using the Balanced Literacy Framework for my reading instruction, I use the first 30 minutes of my Literacy Block to introduce new skills and use direct teaching methods. Some days I introduce new spelling words or conduct word wall activities. I may assign partners and do Paired Reading, or have students use a cooperative learning structure to discuss a story. Sometimes I read aloud and model my thinking. For Paired Reading, download the bookmark page and cut it in half. Fold each half in half again and glue to make a double-sided bookmark.

2. Small Group Instruction (60 minutes) - After the whole group instruction, I divide my class into 3 reading groups, generally based on ability. However, the groups are flexible and may change from week to week depending on the needs of the students. I meet with all three groups every day, even if it's just for 5 minutes. I generally meet with them 17 or 18 minutes with a few minutes of transition time in between. During my small group meetings, I conduct guided reading lessons or work with the group on a particular reading strategy or skill such as how to conduct research or identify fact and opinion. My small group instruction generally relates to the whole group lesson. For example, if we worked on making predictions in the whole group lesson, my guided reading lesson would provide additional work with that strategy. If I'm using Literature Circles, this is the time when I meet with each group. I have a large rectangular table in my room that I use for my small group meetings. During the meetings, students take turns reading aloud and I provide assistance with developing fluency or working on comprehension. For some great ideas and specific small group lessons, read Making the Most of Small Groups


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