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Writing Club 2016
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Writers Workshop Blog

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Units of Study

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4th Graders in Mrs. Redmond's Class

to Literacy K-7 page     Click on the objects to explore!   Some buttons were created by the Free Button Maker-generator.  Check it out. 


 narrativeopinion,  information



Fifth Grade

Seventh Grade


Check out the slideshow pictures from NSCSD writing celebrations.  The link is on the main page in the right hand corner.
Click on the Video sign to access the videos that have already been featured.

Get the powerpoints from past Workshops:


 WELCOME!             Paper Choices  click here for ANCHOR CHARTS!! 

Watch how this teacher gathers a small group of students to learn how to write a stronger ending using different mentor texts as a teaching tool.



  Visit our Lab sites.  Sign up now on MLP!




 A Common Core Workshop Curriculum, separate from content areas, Writing, created by Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Columbia University.   This format provides a predictable structure and routine for students to learn how to collect, draft, revise, and publish a variety of genres throughout the school year.  Students develop the craft of writing within a Writing Workshop format. Students in grades K-4 receive instruction from the Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative.








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    pptx New Teacher Orientation (pptx file - 6.88 MB)
    This powerpoint has Writing Workshop information

    pptx Narrative workshop (pptx file - 10.95 MB)
    Start the year off with the overview of the Narrative unit

    pptx Partnerships in writing (pptx file - 6.00 MB)
    pptx Conferring with students (pptx file - 4.19 MB)
    pptx Presentation to Smith Road (pptx file - 9.66 MB)
    pdf Kindergarten unit 1 Overview (pdf file - 178 KB)
    pdf Grade 2 overview WW (pdf file - 262 KB)
    pdf Grade 3 overview WW (pdf file - 174 KB)
    pdf Grade 4 overview WW (pdf file - 217 KB)
    pdf Grade 5 overview WW (pdf file - 609 KB)
    pdf Grade 6 overview for WW (pdf file - 704 KB)
    pdf Grade 7 overview for WW (pdf file - 719 KB)
    pdf Grade 8 Overview WW - Memoir (pdf file - 1.01 MB)
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Writing Workshop
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