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Modern European History Through a Critical Lens
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              WELCOME BACK!

Welcome to my homepage for Global Studies and Modern European History through a Critical Lens.  Please look to the left under homepage and you will see sub pages for specific classes.  Link to those classes to find specific powerpoints and/or homework.  I will be using these page to upload the powerpoints, notes and homework (if possible) for students to find at home, just in case they forgot their own copy.  I will also use this area to put the weeks activities and work so that parents can check on what their student is doing in class.  I am available for help every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:10-3:00 in Room 147 (Students should tell me they are staying so I can get back to my room from hall duty in a timely fashion). 


***October 1st 2014***

We will be having a quiz on the French Revolution in class on Thursday and Friday.  Students have been practicing everyday with their bellringers and should expect the same types of questions on their quiz.  The quiz will be 10 multiple choice and 1 short answer question.  It will include questions from the french revolution to the Congress of Vienna.  When we finish the quiz we will begin Latin America, comparing and contrasting their revolutions with France and America as well as learning about the leaders of those revolutions. 

I have also uploaded both of the powerpoints we have worked on so far this year.  They are noted by Fench Revolution 1 2014 and French Revolution 2 2014.  The French Rev. 2 notes are the Napoleon notes we just finished.  Hopefully this will help if you missed the notes or just wanted to look through the powerpoint again.



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Regents exam study website

When you're done studying, do something good for the world and learn some new vocabulary at the same time.  You never know, you might just find a better word to use in the hallway instead of the expletives that are often shouted.  Go to and see how easy it is.

There is also a website to learn history facts and have some fun by flinging the teacher on a trebuchet.  It is called Fling your Teacher it's a lot of fun and you get to learn the topics that we already did (it might be a great activity to review last year's material.)


Extra credit assignments for global studies students will be under the links file.

Related Files

    ppt French Revolution 1 2014 (ppt file - 9.13 MB)
    ppt French Revolution notes 2 2014 (ppt file - 10.85 MB)
    Napoleon Notes

    ppt File IR Part 1.ppt (ppt file - 1.89 MB)
    ppt File German Unification.ppt (ppt file - 1.51 MB)
    ppt WWII Powerpoint (ppt file - 19.72 MB)
    WWII Powerpoint

    docx WWII Notes (docx file - 29 KB)
    WWII Notes

    ppt Cold War Powerpoint (ppt file - 10.52 MB)
    Cold War Powerpoint

    doc Cold War Notepacket (doc file - 73 KB)
    Notes for Cold War Powerpoint

    ppt Russian Communism Powerpoint (ppt file - 2.71 MB)
    Russian Communism Powerpoint

    doc Russian Communism Notepacket (doc file - 37 KB)
    Russian Communism Notepacket

    ppt Chinese Communism Powerpoint (ppt file - 5.94 MB)
    Chinese Communism Powerpoint

    docx Chinese Communism Notepacket (docx file - 23 KB)
    Chinese Communism Notepacket

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