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District to Conduct Random Searches

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On November 28, 2011, a message was discovered in one of the bathrooms at Cicero-North Syracuse High School threatening violence against the property and staff of the school on December 16th. The District is investigating into who is responsible for the threat. As a result, beginning the week of December 12th through December 16th, 2011, the North Syracuse Central School District will perform random searches of students at Cicero-North Syracuse High School. According to Board of Education Policy 5311.7 regarding student searches, seizures and interrogations, random searches may be authorized with reasonable suspicion.

Acting Superintendent of Schools, Wayne D. Bleau said of the random searches, “While we value the privacy rights of our students, we cannot ignore our obligation to maintain security and order in our schools. Searches will be conducted in compliance with Board of Education policy in a random format by school officials of the same gender as the student. District officials and School Resource Officers will use walk through and hand-held metal detectors to search students and their personal possessions such as backpacks and purses.”

Parents and staff have been notified of the threat of violence and the random searches. The District is taking additional precautions to ensure the safety of all our students and staff during this time of heightened alert.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about school safety, the dangers of weapons, and to review Board of Education Policy 5311.7, which is available online. For additional information about the District’s random weapons search policy, please contact Acting Superintendent Wayne D. Bleau at 218-2150.

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