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Social Networking and Cyberbullying

Online Safety and Responsibility


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Does cyberbullying and social networking have consequences? Select from the links below and find out.

"Own Your Space--Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online" Digital Book for Teens

You Have the Right to Remain Silent…and Tweetless

Florida Teen Found Guilty of Manslaughter - Revealed Information in a Blog

What Happened to Megan Meier?

Justice for Megan? 

Cyberbullying Information from Our Newest Product: Global Issues in Context.


Cyberbullying Grows Bigger and Meaner


Teen Becomes First Jailed in U.K. for Cyberbullying


Oswego Teen Arrested for Sexting

More Employers Screening Candidates Via Social Networking Sites

Job Lost Due to Tweeting

Post at Your Own Risk

Grooming Your Online Persona

College Applicants Beware

College Admissions: Think Before Posting



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