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Survey Results

The North Syracuse Central School District has begun seeking input from key stakeholders using online parent, community and student surveys. The first community/parent survey was conducted in early 2016. The first student survey has also been conducted and the summary results are provided below. Thank you to the more than 5,000 students, parents, staff and community members that provided feedback through our survey process this year. Your input is invaluable assisting us in evaluating our progress as we work toward our mission and goals.

2016 Parent/Community Survey

Superintendent of Schools Annette Speach said, “We wanted input as as we work toward our mission and goals and we were very pleased with the response. In light of the fact that this was the first year administering the survey, the feedback was tremendous. Our administration, board of education and advisory committees are using this data to determine our priorities as we strive to increase student achievement and foster a supportive culture and environment amongst all members of our school community.”

2016 Community Survey Highlights:

  • Survey open from January 11 through February 29
  • Audience attracted through multiple means including:
    • Press releases
    • News articles
    • Advertisement on school marquees
    • District text and email alerts
    • Website posts
    • Facebook/Twitter posts
  • Survey questions broken down into eight categories:
    • Climate
    • Academics
    • Communications
    • Safety
    • Homework & Reporting
    • Engagement
    • Responsiveness
    • Quality & Satisfaction
  • 1,806 respondents
  • 1,431 (79.24% of) respondents with at least one child enrolled

In assessing feedback provided through the survey, it was noted that the overwhelming majority of respondents indicated satisfaction in all categories, with the greatest agreement being in the area of safety. The chart below shows a summary of positive responses in each category.

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