North Syracuse Central School District
5355 West Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212
Who do I contact? Job Responsibilities


Dan Bowles
Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
(315) 218-2148

Major Responsibilities:
Elementary School Operations
Middle School Operations
Summer School
Superintendent's Hearings
Universal Pre-K


Don Keegan
Associate Superintendent for Business Services
(315) 218-2143

Major Responsibilities:
Audio-Visual Services
Instructional Technology
Maintenance & Operations
Security & Safety

Food Service

Dawn Wilczynski
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

(315) 218-2148

Major Responsibilities:
Main Street School
Home Schooling
High School Operations
Kindergarten Screening
Junior High School Operations
Native American Education
Superintendent's Hearings


Jason Nephew
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
(315) 218-2149

Major Responsibilities:
Human Resources
Labor Relations
Sexual Harassment/Discrimination
Staff Recruitment
Title IX

Donna Marie Norton
Executive Director for Data, Accountability, Social Studies & Music
(315) 218-2147

Major Responsibilities:
Data Analysis
Music Education (K-12)
Social Studies (K-12)

Student Management Systems
Testing & Evaluation

Valerie DiFlorio
Executive Director for Diverse Learning & Student Support
(315) 218-2144

Major Responsibilities:
Alternative Programs (GED, Career Academy, etc.)
Business Education
Counseling/Psychological Services
Dignity for All Students
Homebound Instruction
Special Education Instruction (including Summer School)

John Rice
Director of Science, Technology Education & Art
(315) 218-2142
Major Responsibilities:
Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
Art Education (K-12)
Family & Consumer Science
Science (K-12)
Technology Education
Alicia Pizzuto
Director of Educator Effectiveness & Math
(315) 218-2142
Major Responsibilities:
Academic Intervention Services (Math)
Mathematics (K-12)
Multicultural Education
Professional Development
Timothy Bednarski
Director of Athletics & Co-Curricular
(315) 218-4114
Major Responsibilities:
Co-Curricular Programs
Health Education (K-12)
Health Services
Physical Education (K-12)
Safety Education

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