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2012-2015 Strategic Plan



Our Imperative for Change:
Student Success...In a Changing World

What is The Strategic Plan?

The North Syracuse Central School District has developed a Strategic Plan to ensure that we continue to build upon our successes and also address our challenges. The process of developing a plan included creating a new vision, mission, and goals that will serve as a road map to guide the district’s progress along the path from good to great.  The plan is intended to:

•    Communicate the overall direction and changes for the district.
•    Focus and align the district’s work and our resources.
•    Help our community and partners understand the work ahead.
•    Serve as a guide and resource for district employees in their work on behalf of students.


Collaborating to Identify Changes
in What we Do and How we Do it

Stakeholder Engagement

1. Public Meetings - Over the course of October of 2011, the District held 12 public meetings with members of the community, including junior high and high school students, parents, faculty, principals, Food Service/Maintenance and Operations and Transportation Department staff, and members of the greater community. The meetings were by and large, extremely well-attended and demonstrated the commitment of the community to its students and their education. In total, we met with and received direct feedback from approximately 400 participants. In addition, we held several meetings with members of the Board, directors and other administrative staff within the District and conducted several site visits in addition to the Superintendent's regular weekly school visits to observe classes and see the District in action. We thank you so much for your tremendous participation and continued interest. We have heard from so many of you following these meetings and sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and ongoing feedback. We are hard at work synthesizing what we've learned during and after theses meetings. Please check back here in the late fall for meeting highlights and summaries.

2. Surveys - Surveys are one of the opportunities for the various stakeholders of the North Syracuse Central School District to provide ongoing feedback to help shape District goals and priorities during the strategic planning process. The District released surveys in the fall of 2011 and in December of 2011. In total, we received over 1,600 responses to both strategic plan surveys we issued! The high rates of participation in both of the surveys are a testament to the overall commitment of educating every student in the community. Thank you all so much 

  • Early Fall 2011 Faculty Survey - In the early Fall, the District created a Strategic Plan Faculty Survey for school-based faculty to provide the feedback that helped shape the content of the public faculty meetings. Although we only had the survey open for less than a week, there was an incredible response rate - 72% - that surprised and delighted us! Thank you again for your participation. Click here for Faculty Survey Results: Highlights
  • December 2011 Community Survey - In December, the District created a Community Survey to gather feedback from members of the North Syracuse community to help shape the District's strategic vision, mission and priorities. 875 participants ranging from students to family members to community members to District staff participated in the survey. Please click here to see a summary of findings from the Winter Community Survey.

3. Steering Committee - A Strategic Plan Steering Committee, including a cross-section of representatives from all stakeholder groups, from students to teachers to principals to parents to unions, was convened in the Winter of 2012 to review drafts of the Strategic Plan and to provide feedback.

4. Additional Links - Below you will find links to additional materials such as press releases, that are relevant to the development of the North Syracuse Central School District Strategic Plan.

From Good to Great...
Building on a Strong Foundation

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