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Map Resources

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NY State Maps

Outline map of all counties in NY State.

Outline map of all counties and some major cities in NY State.

Map of NY showing lakes, rivers and roads.

Map of NY showing rivers and lakes

United States Maps

Map of the US with physical characteristics, states, cities, rivers, lakes, and many more details. PDF Version

Map of the US with the states brightly colored.

Map of the US with the states lightly colored.

Map showing maximum temperatures accross the region.

US map showing the results of the 2008 presidential election.

Map of the US showing major rivers and lakes.

Outline Map of the US with states and state capitals.

Map of US with State names and capital locations. Capital names are not listed.

USA with state outlines but no names. Capital locations but not their names.

Map of the US showing territorial aquistions and dates.

World Maps

Map of the world brightly colored with countries, capitals and major cities. PDF version 

Map of the world showing physical characteristics.

Map Websites/Online Resources

Map Maker.  Use this site to create custom maps.  

United States puzzle.  Students drag the states onto the map.

Many of the maps above came from this site.  There are other maps that you may find useful as well.  

Another great site for gathering many different maps.

Game for students to label the 7 continents.  

Shaded relief map of the world.  Similar to Google Earth you can zoom, scroll, and search for locations. 

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