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Let's help our kids ENERGIZE their day



 with school breakfast!


Dear Parents,


We need your help to make sure all of our students are fully prepared for academic success.  We all know that hungry children have a more difficult time doing their best work. That’s why we encourage all students to energize their school day with a nutritious breakfast.


The School Breakfast Program is available to all students every weekday morning. You do not have to register your child in advance.  Your child can eat breakfast at school every day or only occasionally. School breakfast makes good sense – every day, students are offered meals that include servings of fruit, whole grain-rich items, and low fat or fat free milk. These breakfasts are well balanced and follow standards backed by the best nutritional science available. Participation in the program also affords children a chance to enjoy a morning meal with their friends.


School Breakfast is an ideal solution on busy mornings when kids are running late or parents have to be at work early. Whatever the reason, if breakfast at home is not convenient, please have your child take advantage of breakfast here at school so that they may enjoy the numerous benefits of starting their day with a healthy meal. Eating breakfast as a child is important for establishing healthy habits for later in life.


Breakfast at school is affordable, too. If your child qualifies for free and reduced price lunches, he or she also qualify for free or reduced price breakfast as well, with no additional paperwork. Click the following link to view the free and reduced meal application.Free and Reduced Application You can’t find a healthy breakfast at such a low cost anywhere else.


When children eat a healthy, balanced diet, studies have shown that they enjoy the benefits of improved attentiveness and cognition, and have and more energy to perform their best. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can help improve math, reading, and standardized test scores. Children who eat school breakfast are likely to have fewer absences and incidents of tardiness than those who do not. Breakfast also helps children pay attention, perform problem –solving tasks, and improves memory.


We want to help your child eat healthy meals at school. Thank you for helping us to make sure that all of our students start the school day alert, well fed, and ready to learn.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.  We are here to help!

Wendy Swift, 218-2175

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