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Points of View


Points of View "... is designed to assist researchers in understanding the full scope of controversial subjects. High school and undergraduate students can use Points of View as a guide to debating, developing arguments, writing position papers, and developing critical thinking skills. Each Points of View Essay includes a series of questions and additional material to generate further thought. Also included are thousands of supporting articles from the world’s top political and societal publications. The Points of View Debate Blog is a forum for students to express and exchange their unique views on topics in the news (from the POV Help Screen).

Tips for using:
  • Students can listen to the article being read to them aloud or save an MP3 file for later use.
  • The EBSCO interface remains constant featuring easy to use citation and a Permalink button.
  • There is a save to my folder feature as well as a create a note feature. Students or staff would need to create a personal log in within EBSCO to access this feature.
  • This resource is written at an easy to understand level and features vocabulary lists within each topic area to aid in understanding.