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ProQuest Historical Newspapers

 ProQuest Historic Newspapers

Invite your students to take a step back in time, by using ProQuest Historic Newspapers. With access to entire full pages and article images, you and your students can see each page of the paper as it was published that day. This database includes The New York Daily Times which covers 1851-1857 and The New York Times from 1857 to 2009.

Use the Advanced Search to narrow your search by:

  • Front page
  • Obituary
  • Recipes
  • Editorials
  • Political Cartoons (some may not be shown due to copyright)
  • Book reviews 
  • Advertisements
  • And many more!

Tips for using:
  • Because you are searching the entire contents of the newspaper from 1851 to 2009, you will have your the most success by narrowing by date range. For example, a search for the Titanic will bring up an enormous number of articles that have the word Titanic in them as well as articles about the ship itself. Adding a specific date range to the search will narrow your results and you will get to what you want more quickly. If you do not know the date range you should use, go to one of our online encyclopedias to determine what would be appropriate.
  • Articles don't typically print with very large type. However, your students' eyes may be much better than yours and they may be able to read the printed article. On screen, students can use the enlarge tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader to make the typeface more readable.
  • Taking a look at the obituary of famous people can be very revealing. Similarly, you might search for articles written about a famous person right after the time of his or her death. These can give you and your students fresh insights into the person's life and contributions.
  • You can use a search to generate a graph of the number of results for a phrase. For example, search Roe ADJ3 Wade for each year beginning with 1973, and record the number of results for each subsequent year. You could create an Excel spreadsheet showing the number of results for each year and it may provoke a discussion after examining the data trends.
  • Click on Citation and choose MLA to see the MLA citation as well as a persistent link to the article.