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Secondary Examples Using Online Resources

Secondary Curriculum Examples 
for Engaging Students in Learning
Using Online Resources

How long was the longest man-made lightning? (Short video from Learn360 via MediaConnect)

In 1915, Thomas A. Edison and Nikola Tesla were to share the Nobel Prize. The prize was never awarded. What do you think happened? Base your answer on cited, reliable, academic sources.

The Mechanical Universe - Alternating Current (13 minute video from Learn360)

Inventor of Dreams (Article from Scientific American)

Nikola Tesla: Scientific Savant (Article from Popular Science)

Social Studies:
Example 1: Drones
Take a position on the following statement: Since it could be argued that unmanned drones save our soldiers' lives, the United States is justified in using them rather than manned fighter jets in current conflicts.

Justify your position using information from one of the following links. Cite your sources.

Political Cartoon on Drones (from Issues and Controversies)

"Drones Don't Die" (from Military History)

"The Silent Killers" (from Newsweek)

Example 2:Resurrecting the Czar (Thank you Pat Ewaniszyk!)

English Language Arts:
Use the links below to access sample Language Arts ideas.

Comparing 1930s Fashions to Today (Using ProQuest Historical Newspapers)

"The Day Halloween Came One Day Early" (Using ProQuest Historical Newspapers