North Syracuse Central School District
5355 West Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212
Kids Infobits

Types of information included:
Contains age appropriate magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers, book content, images, and Merriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary.

Tips for using:
  • The default search interface is a topic tree with pictures.
  • Advanced search is available allowing you to combine terms such as penguins NOT Pittsburgh NOT hockey.
  • Advanced search also allows you to search by document type and date range.
  • Content level can be selected using the Advanced Search by scrolling down and using the check boxes. Content level includes Basic (Grades 1-2), Intermediate (Grades 3-4), and Advanced (Grades 5 and up). You could also limit by Lexile level.
  • Tabs across the top of search results let you filter your results by type of information.
  • You can listen to articles being read using the Listen icon.
  • A source citation is available in the tool panel to the right of the article. The citation could be copied and pasted into a Word document.
  • Click on bookmark in the tool panel to see and copy a persistent link.
  • Articles can be translated into languages other than English by using the drop down icon.
  • The saving feature in the tool panel is not recommended since the article will only be saved for that session. As soon as you log off, your saved articles are gone. It is better to copy and save the citation including the URL or the bookmark for the article and save them into a Microsoft Word document.
  • You can add an article to social media by using the share icon in the tool panel. Users will not have to log into the database to read the article you share. If they try to navigate elsewhere in the database after reading the shared article, they would be prompted for a password.