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EBSCO Searchasaurus and Primary Search

EBSCO is a premier provider of diverse online resources and is available to our students and staff from grades K-12. Since it is also the most popular provider on Post-Secondary Campuses today, our students are getting off to a great start using EBSCO databases!

Types of Information Included:

Both the Searchasaurus and Kids Search interfaces search the same online collection. This collection consists of Funk and Wagnell's New World Encyclopedia, the American Heritage Children's Dictionary, 400,000 + educational images, 70 popular magazines for student research grades K-8.

Kids Search:
  • There is a Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Images button at the top of the search page.
  • The interface defaults to a subject guided search for ease of use.
  • The detailed search allows you to combine terms such as Penguins NOT Pittsburgh NOT hockey.
  • You can limit results by Lexile level.
  • Results list includes filter icons for the type of results such as Magazines, Images, Books and Encyclopedias, etc. 
  • A persistent link is available in the detailed display for the article. Copying this link will allow you to save it to MS Word.
  • To see the citation for the article, click on the print button and indicate the citation style you wish to use in the panel to the right hand side of the screen. When you click on Print from this screen you will see a preview of the article including the citation and persistent link. These could be copied and saved into a Word document.
  • You can also register within EBSCO to have your own folder in which to save your articles. When you log in again within EBSCO you would see your saved articles in your folder. If you do not log in to EBSCO with a username and password, anything you save in a folder will be gone when you end your session.
  • Offers a very basic search or topic guided search only. There is no detailed search.
  • You can limit by Lexile level and the default selection is for full text articles only.
  • Filter searches by document type such as Magazines, Books and Encyclopedias, Pictures using the icons at the top of the search results list.
  • There are no persistent links and no way to generate a citation in Searchasaurus. 
Tips for using:
  • Always navigate within the database page itself. Avoid using the back and forward arrows, and the File/Print buttons.
  • If a simple search is not working in Searchasaurus, try Kids Search instead. It offers more sophisticated searching tools.
  • If students need to access a link to an article from these databases at home, they first need to open the appropriate database using the link, username, and password from home. Then they can click on a link to an article and it will open.