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Destiny Online Catalog and Follett Shelf Ebooks

  Destiny Online Catalog & Follettshelf Ebooks

Destiny Online Catalog provides you access to your library's print, non-print and ebook collection right from your classroom or home! Log into Destiny using your nscsd username and password to take advantage of the full functionality of the program. Logging in will allow you to place holds on books right from your classroom or from home.

Ebooks integrated into the catalog are easily accessible through the Universal Search.

Tips for searching:
  • Use Basic search for simple searches.
  • For searches where you want to narrow your topic, use the Power search. This lets you combine up to three terms: like Penguins NOT Pittsburgh NOT hockey.
  • Log into Destiny using the login button in the upper right hand corner. Just use your nscsd log on userid and password. This will allow you to place holds on books in our library or other libraries.
  • Click on the Follettshelf button to see available ebooks. When you are logged in, and have checked out an ebook,  you can use the highlighter tool and also the notes tool to personalize the book. Even after the book is returned, your notes will still remain with your account within Destiny so that the next time you check out the same book, your highlighted sections and notes will still be there!
  • Destiny Quest is a graphic interface that students love!