North Syracuse Central School District
5355 West Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212
English as a Second Language

It is the responsibility of the North Syracuse Central School District to identify pupils with limited English proficiency (LEP), to provide sufficient instructional and support services to insure that all state standards are met, and to provide equal educational opportunities for LEP pupils to participate in all school programs and extra-curricular activities.

All pupils who utilize English as a Second Language, will be screened to determine if they qualify as Limited English Proficiency students.

Eligible students will be provided with an English As A Second Language (ESL) program, which is sensitive to the first languages and cultures of the students.  ESL programs are held at the following schools:
  • Allen Road Elementary School (K-4)
  • Roxboro Road Middle School (5-7)
  • North Syracuse Junior High School (8-9)
  • Cicero-North Syracuse High School (10-12)
Students of limited English proficiency who are suspected of having a handicapping condition will be referred to the Committee on Special Education, in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations, Part 200.

The district will hold regular meetings at least twice a year for parents/guardians of English learners.  At those meetings, parents will be provided with information to help understand the goals of the students program.
Parents have the right to:
  • Request that their child be immediately removed from the instructional bilingual program.
  • Decline their child’s participation in the instructional bilingual program, or choose another available program or method of instruction.
  • Request assistance in selecting from among the various programs and methods of instruction available.
Questions regarding this notice or to request a copy of the district’s policy, please contact the Director of ELA at (315) 218-2148.