North Syracuse Central School District
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North Syracuse, NY 13212
Homebound and Parent Instruction

Homebound Instruction
Homebound instruction is an educational alternative provided to students in grades K-12 who, due to serious medical or emotional illness, are unable to attend their educational programs for an extended period of time. The student’s attending physician submits a request for this service to the District. The request must include a complete outline of the student’s medical/emotional condition as well as the length of time (4-6 week minimum) the student will be out of school and a plan for the student to re-enter school. For any questions or concerns regarding this program, contact the Executive Director for Diverse Learning & Student Support at 218-2120.

Parent Instruction
Parent instruction, or home schooling, allows parents an opportunity to provide a tailored educational climate within their home environment. The parent plans and implements the entire program and serves as the child’s teacher. For any questions regarding this alternative to regular school instruction, contact the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at 218-2118.