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Interactive Websites  

Ambleside Primary Interactive links on the left side of this web page include:  Literacy Hour, Numeracy Hour, Quizzes and more
Crickweb Interactive resources for primary students
e-Learning for Kids More than 80 interactive whiteboard activities; click on For Kids on the left
East Carter School Interactive resources, templates, and ideas
Interactive Websites Internet sites suited for SMART Board use 
Johnny's Math Page Interactive Math sites
K-3 SMART Board Sites Interactive sites for K-3 language arts and math
Kent NGfL Literacy and Numeracy whiteboard activities
Mr. Young's Bouncy "A" Variety of elementary interactive lessons for the SMART Board

Online teaching and learning resources for the SMART Board

Sheppard Software Free interactive activities in a variety of subjects
Shine + Write Collection of Maths teaching resources
SmartBoard in the Classroom Adapt existing Notebook projects and integrate resources for subject areas
The Play Ground Interactive samples from the SUMS Master Set of activities
Top Marks Interactive Whiteboard Lessons for all grade levels and subjects
Vector Kids Strengthen basic math and other skills with interactive educational tools
Word Magnets Create words or letters to scramble and put in correct order
Whiteboard Resources

Interactive lessons suited for SMART Board use  

Wichita Public Schools Elementary SMART Board resources
Woodlands Interactive Activities Teachers created activities to improve learning skills while using an interactive whiteboard 

Pre-Made Notebook Activity Downloads  

ACCE Notebook Resources Notebook lessons for version 8 of the SMART Board software; organized by curricular area
Bedfordshire School Wide variety of Notebook activities to download
Building Smarter Ways to Use the Smart Board Downloadable activities and online resources for math core content
Center School District Great selection of templates organized primary, intermediate, middle school, high school, and special courses
Curriki.org Several KWL, timeline, and concept mapping Notebook templates
Downs CE Primary School French lessons created in SMART Notebook
East Riding of Yorkshire Downloadable English/Literacy Notebook lessons
Gasconade County
Pre-made science, math & social Studies Notebook lessons for grades K-12
Greenwich Grid for
Wide variety of pre-made Notebook lessons for grades K-12
Harvey's Homepage Pre-made math Notebook lessons
Lakeland Central School District Teacher created Notebook lessons to download for grades K-12
Longwood Central School District SMARTboard Lessons created by Longwood Staff organized by grade level K-12
Oxford lessons Ready to download Notebook lessons
Scholastic Interactive Lessons Lesson activities and resources powered by Smart Notebook collaborative learning software
Smart  Education Resources Notebook lessons to download; site requires free registration 
Smart and Getting Smarter Notebook lessons to download
SMART Board Lessons Notebook lessons to download
SMART Notebook Lesson Activities
SMART Technologies
Lesson plans by curricular area or grade level
The SMART Way to Teach SMART Board lessons for your Kindergarten classroom. 
Think Bank Elementary and Secondary pre-made Notebook lessons
Wichita Public Schools Zipped lessons sorted by grade level and target area
Wright City RII School District Game templates for SMART Notebook


Interactive Whiteboard Resources Rapidly growing bank of free to use tools and resources for the SmartBoard
National Whiteboard Network

Whiteboard ideas and Notebook lessons to download focusing on literacy and math

Northumerland Teaching and Learning Interactive whiteboard activities in a wide range of topics
Online Whiteboard Resources List of online interactive sites for all grade levels
Primary Resources Lesson plans, pintables, interactive flash activities, Smart Notebook activities and PowerPoints
SMART Board Activities Blog Teachers in Winnipeg School Division sharing resources and activities
Teaching Ideas Primary SMART Notebook and other lessons to download
(be sure to look for the correct icon)
Teachers Love SMART Boards Many resources for primary, middle school, and high school
Teacher Resource Exchange Database of resources and activities created by teachers
Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom

Profiles, ideas, lesson plans, websites 

Whiteboard Tools Useful tools from the National Numeracy Strategy

Training and Tutorials  

USB Connection Connecting to the SMART Board and projector
Serial Connection Connecting to the SMART Board and projector
600i Series Connecting to the SMART Board
Quick Reference Guides Printable training materials
SMART Board Training Center Two-minute Flash tutorials with or without voiceover
SMARTer Kids Foundation Get rebates for SMART Boards and NEC projectors
Tips and Tricks Product support page by Smart Technologies Inc. that answers FAQ's concerning the SMART Board
Two-Minute Tutorials Various Flash movie tutorials