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Board of Education Policy 4201

It is the goal of the North Syracuse Schools to provide a world-class education to all students. The Internet is one of the many information resources available to students as part of that process. Through the Internet, students can access data from colleges and universities, scientific research facilities, government resources and many other informative sites throughout the world. While there is an enormous amount of useful and valuable information available, due to the global nature of the Internet and the lack of effective control over its content, access brings with it the potential for misuse and abuse.


All North Syracuse Schools offer high-speed Internet services for its students both in the classrooms and in the libraries. Students and staff are encouraged to use this global network providing learners access to a wide range of information from throughout the world. Students will also be able to communicate with people around the world through the use of this same technology. Use of the Internet for educational purposes will assist in preparing students for success in life and work in the 21st Century.


North Syracuse Schools filters the Internet with a commercial product. In addition, staff will supervise students use of the Internet.  However we still cannot guarantee that students will not find material on the Internet that you would consider objectionable.


These guidelines are provided here so that you are aware of the users responsibilities when using the district's technology and the network. In general, the guidelines describe educational, ethical, legal and efficient use of network resources. Please read the following North Syracuse Schools Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) carefully before signing the Internet AUP.


Click here for the complete BOE AUP Policy.


Your signature on the sign-off letter is legally binding and indicates that you have read the terms and conditions carefully and understand their significance and consequences. This policy is further supported by the rules and regulations found in each school's student handbook and discipline policies.


If you would like to learn more about this policy or have any questions, please contact the building librarian or technology teaching assistant.  Thank you.


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